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May the 4th be with you

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May the 4th be with you fellow V1’ers. The trend of celebrating movies with national days looks set to continue with today’s celebration of Star Wars day. As if we need any excuse to go and re-watch The Force Awakens to get weepy over Han and Chewie coming home.

Not that it’s a new trend, Star Wars day has been going for over 35 years, but this does seem to be a culture that is picking up steam. And in today’s geek-loving culture industrious little marketeers are finding weird and wonderful ways to capitalise on the ever-expanding cultural phenomena.

All you’ve got to do is take a quick gander back to last October with the emergence of that wondrous Back To The Future anniversary. Sadly we all sat around as a collectively gibbering wreck as we weren’t really going to get that Hoverboard we always wanted, I for one was pissing and moaning like a kid who opened up his stocking to find new pants and a Staedler Non-Shatter ruler instead of a fistful of toys. Whilst that was devastating there were some insane levels of brand-pushing and marketing dotted about that you might have missed. Taxi-force extraordinaire Uber were handing out free rides in DeLorean’s and each and every lucky passenger got that quality Pepsi vestibule to take home and marvel at.

And obviously let’s not forget Nike jumping on the bandwagon with the self-tying shoes. Are they the smartest sneaks on the planet? Far from it. Do you want a pair? Of course you do you silly goose.

Well just recently, 26th of April if you want to get nit-picky, the Alien movie franchise also pulled one out of the bag. On what’s now going to be an annual celebration, see the connection to LV-426 from the first movie? No, oh you mean you’re not a detail-nerd like me? Sorry. 

Anywho, the studio was in cahoots with Reebok and they’ve now also released the sneaks, boots, whatever you want to call them, that Ripley wore in the movie. With a starting price of close to 300 nuggets you’d best start saving those pennies though. Or, you know, you could sack off the Alien sneaks and go and sort yourself out with a fresh V1 Tee. Just saying.

I for one love this weird little trend, and long may it continue. The way the Star Wars marketing machine pumps out merch before long I’ll finally be able to get me some Wookie booties. And what kind of day will that be? Oh that’s right, the best day ever!

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