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Nass Fest... the aftermath

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So then fellow V1'ers; Nass Festival 2016 has now been and gone. The weather stayed strong (mostly), the tunes played loud, and a fucking hell of a time was had by all. We've been back in work now for two days and we are finally starting to be able to differentiate taste and sight again. So, in most regards it would be a fair statement to say that our first company festival experience was a success. Aside from the whole sleeping in a lawn chair in the middle of an adjacent field and getting horribly sunburnt thing, that is probably best forgotten. But I digress.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and began to set up whilst in the company of a plethora of other fashion brands. Some big, some small, some kind of weird, all pretty awesome though. We realised at the outset that we were the new kids on the block, and taking a very different, minimalist, approach to most of the other traders on the block. With the V1 Business Director, Foxy, and Lead Designer, Lloyd, worried that we may be lost amongst the ether they deployed their secret weapon. A weapon that would ensure that they would be the star attraction amongst the elite of Britain's independent streetwear community. That's right, a drunken buffoon who's adept at stringing a ridiculous sentence together on a blog and has the uncanny ability to entice even more drunken buffoons to a clothing stall with a very snazzy flier and a kick-ass sticker collection. 

Did the deployment of this marketing WMD work I hear you ask???? No it did not. It was a catastrophic failure. So they had that berk sit quietly at the back of the stall and gave him menial tasks to do so he could no longer scare the villagers and small families.

The next day was better, word spread and interest piqued through the festival site and your favourite streeetwear brand started boshing through stock like Antony Montana on a hot day in Miami. We were even lucky enough to get involved with a couple of other cool brands; information was exchanged, hands were shaken, and there may well be some new collaborations heading your way in the not too distant future. So be sure to keep your eyes on our instagram and street-team feeds.

But of course this was not just the V1 Show, as much as we would have loved it to have been. No, there was also a bevy of musical talent, extreme sports, and booze-infused antics to enjoy.

Andy C ripped it up on the Friday night and Jurassic 5 made us feel things in a naughty place. Alas, Lloyd missed out on the chance to see Kurupt FM again, he was not a happy camper. So we had to cuddle him and take him to the vert ramp to cheer him up. There we saw, I shit you not, a six year old rip-up a 14ft half-pipe with the confidence and technique of a seasoned pro who's off it on Red Bull. Insane!

We were also priveliged enough to watch a cadre of amateurs and pros alike take to the many ramps, courses, and half pipes, and absolutely kill it in all manner of wicked competitions. There was a brief moment of sadness when a BMXer landed in a pretty precarious manner and did some severe damage to his ankle; although it was nice to watch the rest of the competitors rush to his aid and help him to the paramedic stations. We wish him a speedy recovery!

Sunday saw BMX living legend Matt Hoffman take to the vert with some of the worlds top competitive BMXers and put on a mind-blowing demo which saw us all having some mega squeaky bum-clench moments as we watched in awe the stunts they've got the balls to pull off. Seriously, they must be smoking something pretty heavy to have the stones to do that shit.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend. A good time was had by all, we learned a lot, drank even more, and we will see you all again soon. We're already planning our next show appearance so hopefully we'll see even more of you at the next event. Until next time.




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