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Self-Strapping shoes

Ali Kirkby crepes Nike Nikey self lacing sneakers trainers V1 volume one

Well well well, it was announced back in March but, Nike have now officially given the release date of the self-lacing shoe. Or, is it will technically be know HyperAdapt 1.0

That's right kids, no longer will he have to face the horrific burden of bending over and using our own opposable thumbs for lace-tying when we could be using that energy and time for far more pertinent tasks. You know, tasks like taking selfies, tweeting, and reading random fashion blogs whilst on The Porcelain Throne.

So we're officially living in the Jetsons era, or the Back To The Future era to be more precise. This will be one of those great releases that has our parents bellowing down from the landing whilst your nifty new sneaks are seeing to themselves whilst cosying up to your trotters;
“You don't know you're born you kids, back in my day we didn't have any of this crap, we had to put our own boots on and lace them up BY HAND. Don't know you're born you bastards.”

Nike self lacing shoes

Do you know what? I'm an old soul and in most cases of new technology like this I would be inclined to agree with the whinging old parents. I can't stand selfies and I think snapchat is for berks. But; despite all of that, these trainers look the balls and I will be first in line to pick up a pair when they reach our fair shores. I might have to black out the stupid little light on the side but other than that I'll be whipping them on and they will not be taken off until the hoverboard is mine to possess.

Thankfully the design's come on a little since their thoretical inception back in the 1980's. They've merged the style with the recent Roshe Run line which sold like gangbusters and I'm willing to be my future hoverboard that Nike are hoping this wicked new range will be just as successful.

What do you think fellow V1'ers? Will you be queueing up for a pair or do you reckon they should take a trip back to the err... well you get the gag.

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